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About us

Vestre Vuluvolden is a campsite localized in Sollia in Stor-Elvdal community in Norway. We have 5 cottages, and places for caravans with or without electricity. We have a good service building that is daily washed. There is also a place of fire pit with bencehs, and a lean-to for the us of our guests.

There are several possibilities to find us.

- Drive Rv 3 from Elverum and north to Atna. Take Fv 219 to Sollia. After about 50 kilometers, you will find us on the left side. 

- Drive E6 north to Ringebu. Take Fv 27 ower Venabygdsfjellet to Sollia. When you reach Enden at the other side of the mountain passage, take left and follow Fv 27 to Folldal. After 2 kilometers you find us at the left side of the road.

- Drive Fv 27 from Folldal and south. After passing Atnbru, you will find us at the right side of the road after about 5 kilometers.

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