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Welcome to Vestre Vuluvolden!

Avkjøring ved Fv27

Vestre Vuluvolden is a mountain farm that is originated in the 1700 century. There is still farming, with a big sheep hird and grass production. Vestre Vuluvolden has also been a well visited campsite for many years. We have both cottages and regular caravan spots, as well as temporarily spots for tents and caravans. There is electrisity for the caravans, and a nice service building for our guests. Also we have a fire pit and a lean-on for our guests to use.

The place is well situated along the river Vulua. There is very good fishing possibilities, as well as hunting (in the season) and generally hiking and cross coutnry skiing in the winter. 

Vårfiske ved Atnasjøen
Isfiske på Atnasjøen
Høst i fjellet
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